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sanitarni kontejner


... is a modular or single cell or container equipped with sanitary facilities - ie shower, toilet, sink, heaters, etc.

technicky kontejner


... Container mit technischem Fokus werden in verschiedenen Ausführungen des Designs hergestellt. Wir versuchen immer, die spezifischen Anforderungen des Kunden zu erfüllen

Ocelove konstrukce


... custom production of metal elements and assemblies according to customer's wishes such as staircases, grilles, sheds, fecal tanks ...

technicky kontejner


... we produce with the possibility of reinforcement of the floor frame, thereby achieving increased load-bearing capacity of the floor. Design with thermal insulation or only with outer jacket.

obytna bunka


... is a container that is technically adapted for housing and can meet the basic and comfortable requirements of the customer for low-energy construction

rodinne domy


... custom production of low-energy family houses, which we fully adapt to the requirements of the comfort of each customer

ZRUP Příbram a.s.

 ZRUP Příbram a.s.

Production and assembly of modular buildings

The company ZRUP Příbram a.s. based in Příbram is one of the traditional companies specializing in construction and production of steel structures for modular construction. The company is the legal successor of the former company ZRUP Příbram. The current joint-stock company was established on 1.5.1992.

At present, the company's activities are mainly focused on the production and sale of steel structures for schools, kindergartens, hostels, offices, houses, shops, technical buildings, staircases, gates, tanks, etc. It is a modular system of prefabricated houses, residential modules, building cells, etc.

  • Tradition
  • Quality
  • Variability
  • Cost advantage

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Demonstration of our realized buildings

ZRUP Příbram a.s.

Address :


Žežická 522, Příbram VII
261 01, Středočeský kraj
Tel: +420 318 404 422
+420 724 202 209
Email :  info@zrup.cz

ID: 45147761  Tax ID: CZ45147761
File number: B 1459, kept by the Municipal Court in Prague

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