Social container is a modular cell or container usually in standardized dimensions equipped with bathroom - toilet, shower, sink, water heaters, etc.

Sanitary containers are one of the important products of modular construction and find their application especially as sanitary facilities for workers on construction sites, during one-off cultural and sports events, as part of humanitarian aid, etc. It can be permanent or temporary construction.
Sanitary containers are based on a modular range of standard residential containers and can be used both individually and in container sets. It is possible to build either a set of sanitary cells or to create residential units including social facilities.

The range of internal sanitary equipment varies according to the requirements of the builder and the purpose for which they are to be used. Due to the variability of the system it is possible to use the cells separately as a toilet container, washrooms or just shower containers, but also as a social background of offices, dormitories, control rooms, building site background and purpose of use. The same applies to fixtures.

Sanitary units are manufactured and delivered in standard unified sizes, however containers can be modified in size and material and the number and type of sanitary equipment can be modified as required.


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