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ZRUP Příbram a.s. based in Příbram is one of the traditional companies specializing in construction and production of steel structures for modular construction. It was founded in 1948 and since then has undergone a long development and changes in the organizational structure. Innovative modular production started in 1964.

Its focus has always been among organizations with a decisive focus on the supply of construction work, as well as on construction engineering production, production and assembly of buildings and elements of light prefabrication.
He has many years of experience in the construction market and at the beginning of his existence he was focused on deliveries of mostly industrial constructions. Significant is its activity abroad, in the implementation of construction contracts for foreign partners.

At present, the activities of ZRUP Příbram are mainly focused on the production and sale of steel structures - schools, kindergartens, hostels, offices, houses, shops, technical buildings, facilities or garages, staircases, gates, tanks. And this is a modular system - prefabricated houses ie residential, building and social containers, cells or modules. Implementation and delivery on a turnkey basis or as agreed The core market for our products is Germany, we export to these markets about 80% of our production.

The company ZRUP Příbram a.s. based in Příbram is the legal successor of the former ZRUP Příbram. The current joint-stock company ZRUP Příbram was established on 1 May 1992. The company's turnover in the last two years amounted to approximately CZK 170 million per year with approximately 80 permanent employees. As one of the few in our industry, we achieved the high financial standing of AAA, which was awarded to us by Bisnode (see report from 18. 10. 2017)


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ZRUP Příbram a.s.

Address :


Žežická 522, Příbram VII
261 01, Středočeský kraj
Tel: +420 318 404 422
+420 724 202 209
Email :  info@zrup.cz

ID: 45147761  Tax ID: CZ45147761
File number: B 1459, kept by the Municipal Court in Prague

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