Obytné kontejnery

Residential container

... are containers that are technically adapted for housing and can meet the basic and comfortable customer's wish for a low-energy building. It can be a separate container, or the whole assembly, where a larger number of containers is used: 


  • offices, construction sites and companies
  • containers intended for permanent living of houses, cottages, etc.                

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Storage containers

... the storage container is most often used to transport, lock and protect equipment or material. It can therefore be used to be placed on a construction site or to be placed on a separate peripheral where protection is needed : 


  • basic lockable container
  • storage container with living area as background of construction site           

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Sociální kontejner

Social containers

... social container is a modular cell or a separate container or container (mobile toilet), which is usually in standardized dimensions equipped with bathroom - toilet, shower, sink, water heaters, etc. :  


  • with the possibility of connection to the sewer system
  • with the possibility of attaching a faecal tank                                                

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Technický kontejner

Technical containers

... we produce containers of technical focus in various design variants. We always try to meet the specific requirements of the customer to the maximum. Their use has enormous potential and can be used de facto for any design : 


  • lacquered
  • hot dip galvanized                                                                                        

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Rodinné domy z obytných kontejnerů

Family houses

... from residential containers you can build any idea of a family house, from classic design to more demanding construction. We always produce family houses with respect to the static demands and needs of the customer, our team of experts is at your disposal and will be happy to advise you, or will suggest possible implementation options including 3D models for your imagination. We produce as standard :  


  • ground floor
  • multi-storeyed                                                                                             

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Rodinné domy z obytných kontejnerů

Schools and kindergartens

... The biggest attraction of the residential containers is their use in the construction of schools and kindergartens, where the modular building is used for the current strengthening of capacity shortages. Commonly available construction : 


  • varnished or plastered
  • single-storey, multi-storey                                                      

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