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The ZRUP residential cell system is designed so that individual cells can be used alone or in different assemblies. ZRUP residential cells are supplied as standard in any of the following dimensions according to the customer's requirements:

lenght (m)     max.12,00            
width (m) 2,435      3,00   až 3,60 (excess)                            
clear height     (m) 2,30 2,50  2,60               2,80 3,00

According to the customer's request it is possible to modify any of the mentioned dimensions within the technological, material and transport possibilities.


is made of bent open profiles of 3 and 4 mm thickness and classic rolled profiles. Joints are welded. The roof frame has a built-in trapezoidal sheet roof with dirt protection (falling leaves, etc.).


is designed with mineral insulation in thicknesses of 50, 80, 100, 130, 150, 180, and 200 mm according to PD and customer's request.


walls, floor and ceiling are alternatively made of wooden or steel frames made of galvanized sheet metal and in special cases made of jäckl profiles according to PD and customer's request.


Trapezoidal sheet 8/88 in thicknesses according to customer specification - wave height 8mm - galvanized - bilaterally treated with baked colors - in standard design shade RAL 9002. On request we can deliver any shade from scale RAL according to customer's request. The expedition start date will be extended by the delivery times of painted sheets.

As standard we use cement-bonded particleboards for facade systems ETICS. ETICS façade technology requires dry and warm weather - done on site as a finish, extending assembly time.

Wooden cladding - implementation of wooden cladding according to customer's request.

Corrugated aluminum sheet RAL 9006, wave height 18 mm.


Standard laminate boards white into plastic strips, or other colors according to customer requirements.

PLASTERBOARDS and gypsum fiber boards 12.5 mm and 15 mm in standard, impregnated, perforated 8/15/20 and fire resistant according to PD. In the basic version the plasterboard is supplied paired, ground with color, wallpaper, ...


For impregnated plasterboard or gypsum fiber boards, according to the customer's choice and requirements.

Mineral-treated plaster on plasterboard.

A glass wallpaper or coarse fiber wallpaper.


PVC, LINOLEUM, MARMOLEUM in shades of customer choice.

CARPETS for common use up to carpets designed for very stressed operations in selected shades.

SPECIAL RUBBER COVERING - choice according to customer's requirements - designed for very stressed operations including stresses by unconcentrated chemicals.

CERAMIC TILES for cement-bonded particleboards, as required by the customer.

EPOXY flooring system HPS

PLATE thickness 3 - 4 mm, designed for storage areas with a heavy load.

CEMENT FIBER (CEMENT-FIBER) PLATE as a base for any roofing material laid on site.


Each volumetric element always has a flat roof made of galvanized trapezoidal sheet.

Assemblies of volumetric elements can be roofed by CULT, SADDLE or VALB roof

Wooden roof truss, wooden nailed trusses or steel structures.


LINDAB - Swedish covering made of galvanized steel sheet in color according to project documentation and customer's requirement. The covering is a shape imitation of the speech and is supplied including the eaves and other accessories.

CANADA SHINDEL - asphalt-based covering is supplied in color shades according to project documentation and customer's request.

BRAMAC is delivered in color shades according to project documentation and customer's request.

BAGS according to project documentation and customer's request.

ETERNIT according to project documentation and customer's request.

ATICA made of galvanized sheet steel in color shades according to project documentation and customer's requirement for all roof constructions.


The wiring is made in the walls and ceiling with copper cables. Connections can be made by looping through 380 V sockets or by connecting them in boxes. Types of devices used (lighting fixtures, sockets, switches, air conditioning, electric heater, etc.).


WOODEN EURO WINDOWS - ČSN according to project documentation and customer's request.

WINDOWS, SHEETS, BALOCONAL DOORS plastic and aluminum with insulating double or triple glazing At the customer's request, glazing with safety glass CONEX or DETERMAL with UV protection can be supplied. All variants of glazing can be chosen clear or ornamental.

SHUTTER SHUTTERS - all building elements can be fitted with external roller shutters with plastic or aluminum slats operated from the inside manually or electrically.

ENTRANCE DOORS - plastic, aluminum, sheet metal or any door according to project documentation and customer's request, including security - for chip, photocell, fingerprint, etc.

INTERIOR DOORS - any door can be delivered according to project documentation and customer's request, including fire ...

DOOR FRAMES - can be delivered from steel to luxury wooden according to project documentation and customer's request.


including fixtures are delivered in standard design according to ČSN or DIN, according to customer's request.

The already mentioned variability allows the customer to choose from the simplest design without equipment, without wiring devices only with built-in cables and without medical installation, to a luxury building made up of the above-mentioned variants and with complete equipment.
All wiring can be routed over the surface of internal walls or in walls and castles.

Inspiration from our realization

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  • BV Osnabrück
  • BV Rodgau
  • BV Schwarzheide 03
  • BV Schwarzheide
  • BV Wuppertal
  • Cink Karlovy Vary
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